Desire abound!

May 16, 2010

Every week calls for the same action.

The creme, the shave, the make up, the smell.

All is done to attract you. You are not aware of my desire. My hands longing to caress you, I feel your breath in my neck when you work.

You are the answer to my dreams, although forbidden fruit, it is the sweetest of them all. Your mind, your intellect, your sensibility, it all stands strong by itself and you are my mirror.

Your presence close to me is like lightning in a thunderstorm, how do a save myself?


The loveletter

May 16, 2010

At first, you were the paint that floated out on the canvas. Everyday I painted and it was a friendship sure……It was more than that. I was taught how to mix colours and all about colour theory. There were so many rules. I followed them all. Because I was a beginner and I was being careful. That was my nature at the time…

Then one day something happened. This was at a point in my life when I started to relax and become so much more comfortable in my own skin. I felt truly free…….

I entered a room which was new to me and yet so familiar. There you were ready for me and I was ready to receive. As I knew you and you felt me, I let go that day, and I received bliss so sweet. My paintings became bold and painterly, in no order yet so free……

And then silence……….

Now a long time has passed and you woke me up. My brush started to move and some of my paints are still wet. Ideas have formed in my head and down on the paper. You are new to me and yet so familiar……
This new curiosity of wanting to learn, wanting to feel………To really live and let the passion flow through my blood. To act on instinct beyond reason…………

You are in my dreams. In the day and at night when all is quiet there you are in pink, orange, blue and yellow.

Notes from a chocoholic

February 20, 2009

Oh you sweet sinful treat, where did you come from? You entered my life early on…..How was I going to resist you? I could not…You on my lips, on my tongue, sliding down my throat. Such satisfaction in such a small package. Dark and stormy…., temperamental and tart…. White, soft as silk on my tongue… Years have past although you have always been in my cupboard. Sometimes weeks can go by without us seeing each other…And then all of a sudden I get that urge to taste that succulent treat… Mmmm chocolate….

Early bird!

February 6, 2009

Ok, this is the first thing I am writing on my blog. I have been postponing this with the excuses that I don’t have my photos ready to be published or my biography is not ready etc. How personal can I be? Shall I write a biography? Finally I just decided to start without plan really. This gives me a great deal of anxiety. Do I need to say more???

Without reason really; I decided to give the blog a name that makes me think of a sculpture. “Bird in Space by Constantin Brancusi” I might still change it.

It is 06:30 and I have been wide awake since 05:45.  I just can’t get my kids to go back to sleep.  I really don’t have any words for it. One thing that saves me though is that my American friends (some of them) are still up and I can go and chat a bit on face book while the kids are playing. In just 10 minutes, Olivia 3 1/2 and Felix 2 have managed to build a fortress in the living room, taken out all the cd`s (about 200 of them) and built 3 towers of Lego, talk about spending their time wisely!!! My take on this: companies can learn efficiency from all the kids….